New Home Construction / Home Remodel Cleaning Services

Have New Home Construction or a Home Remodel That Needs Cleaning?

A home remodel cleaning.AMS, LLC offers new home construction and home remodel cleaning in the Northern Shenandoah Valley and in Northern Virginia. With fifteen years behind us, it just goes to show that AMS has provided comprehensive, first-rate interior cleaning for new construction projects.

Our highly trained staff can take on any job you may have, large or small. If you’re looking for a cleaning service that has experience, we’re the ones to call. From new and custom homes to apartment complexes, hotels, and business parks, you can count on us to cover—and clean—all the bases!

We offer a number of construction cleaning options to fit your individual needs:

A home construction cleaning.

  • Pre-Paint Clean: The first of five cleaning phases that a new home undergoes. This ensures that the painting contractor has a dust-free environment before interior painting begins.
  • Pre-Carpet Clean: Removes any dirt in the home prior to carpet installation. Material trapped under the carpet can cause premature wear or damage to the carpet.
  • Quality Inspection (Q.I.) Clean: The new home is prepared for a quality inspection for any potential product defects. The Q.I. clean is the most extensive clean in the process.
  • Homeowner Walk-Through Clean (Spiff): The fourth cleaning phase in the series is completed one day before the builder presents the home to the new owner.
  • Homeowner Sign-Off Clean (Move-In/Spiff): Ensures a home that’s ready for the new homeowner to move right in.
  • Final Clean: A complete interior clean that includes windows in and out. This is a standalone service performed after the home is 100% finished and is free from all other trades.

Try us and see for yourself why so many area construction companies trust AMS, LLC to get the job done right. Call us today at 844.344.9688.